2015 Shopkick Barcodes Are Up!

The new Shopkick barcodes for 2015 are up. I haven't updated this blog in a while and it's gotten pretty popular. Nevertheless, I've posted all the new Shopkick barcodes in the pages tab. Have fun kicking with your free Shopkick barcodes. Click HERE to access them!


Don't know how to Spoof?

Spoofing allows you to make the most out of using Shopkick/Checkpoints/Jingit. Check out our guide HERE.

Earn More on Checkpoints! Free Barcodes!

Earn more on Checkpoints by scanning our barcodes! Click HERE for the barcodes.

Earn More on Jingit! Free Barcodes!

Earn more on Jingit by scanning our barcodes. Be sure to scan during store hours to make it look more realistic. Click HERE to get the barcodes.

Earn More on Shopkick! Free Barcodes!

Get free Kicks for Shopkick by scanning the barcodes we provide! Click HERE to get free Kicks!