Spoofing Guide

What does the term "Spoof mean"?

The term means faking your location so that an app (in this case the app is ShopKick and Checkpoints) thinks that you are a location that you aren't.

Why would i want to fake my location?

If you are scanning at home and you are far away from a store then you risk getting banned. Checkpoints/Shopkick allows you to scan whether you are 2 miles away or 500 meters away and scanning from far away without spoofing may get you banned. So spoofing would allow you to fake your location to the location of the store and keep you from getting banned. In terms of shopkick, this distance problem also applies to ShopKick as well as walk-ins. Spoofing would allow you to collect walk-ins in stores that are not near you as long as you have the walk in audio.

Is it Safe and Ban-Free?

Nothing is ban-free but it is safe if you spoof smartly. For example, you would not want to spoof from New York to California in 2 hrs. Best option is to spoof to a mall that has multiple stores within 200-800 meters apart of each other and keep it spoofed there. Leave some time like 5-6 hrs before spoofing to a different state and DO NOT spoof to different states everyday. At max it would be once every two weeks you would spoof to a new state. However you could spoof more than once if you are only spoofing a few miles away like a 7 mile difference for example. The best option is to spoof to one state and stay there so you could use the walk-ins (ShopKick). Also make sure you get to as close to the store as possible, like 500 feet away would be best (use satellite feature on spoofing apps if available to spoof near entrance).

What are Some Good Spoofing Apps?

  • Catch me if you can
  • Fake GPS
  • Location Spoofer
  • My Fake Location
  • LocationHolic
  • LocSpoof
  • FakeLocation
The number of apps is not limited to this list and can include more and if you do find better ones please tell us in the comments section. We will not provide links to the apps out of various concerns that may occur, so just google each one if you want to download/find more info on the app.

As in many guides this guide is not perfect and deciding to spoof is YOUR decision and you are taking the risk in getting banned. We assume no responsibility if you do get banned. 

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